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360 | Virtual Reality Photography

360 | Virtual Reality Photography

360 photography is an evolution of panoramic imagery from the film days. The shift to digital imaging made it possible to create and view a virtual reality panorama. However, it's application was limited due to cost and complexity.  

But with technology advancement on both hardware and software, producing this kind of imagery became easier. Entry to medium DSLR are now becoming more capable than before. The availability of quality and affordable fisheye lens like Tokina 10-17 AT-X and stitching softwares like Hugin, PTGui, AutoPano made it all possible in delivering high quality panorama. 

360 photography delivers an interactive experience to viewers. It builds a sense of surrounding where they can feel they are on the scene. It freezes time where you can see the actions of the environment.  

Mazda Philippines Booth - 6th Philippine International Motor Show

On commercial applications, the popularity of Google Street View and Facebook 360 helped the market realize the value of 360 imagery. Many business from small to large enterprises are now adapting it on their marketing program. Whether for real estate, restaurants, documentary, or tourism, the demand for service is getting bigger and having the right tool in delivering high quality images is crucial.

Loquis Cafe and Restobar

As a 360 professional, I rely heavily with the timing of the shots. Attention to details not only on one view but the entire surrounding. Elements and motion of the space must blend smoothly. My key objective is to take my viewers and create visual immersion. Having a lens that is adaptive to any situation and can deliver optimum quality like Tokina 10-17 AT-X is the right tool for the job.