The popularity of VR photography can be seen with the emergence of compact 360 cameras. Enabling more people to create and capture a moment right away. Used in combination with smartphones for stitching and image processing. And shared to social network sites after. 

Even though, image quality is bit behind compared to shots done with larger sensors. Yet, it is a step-forward in social interaction where viewers can have a sense of presence. Immersing themselves with the surrounding or a moment. It brings more engagement compared to the conventional still images. This evident how Facebook360 becoming mainstream nowadays. 

Continuous trend of 360 photography at consumer levels. Made businesses realized, it could be a powerful tool with their marketing. Well comparing commercial applications from consumer area. Quality photographs is a must. Result should be high definition and clean-stitched 360 images from any angles. It must represent the business area in an accurate and attractive way. 

One of the prime example is Google Business View or as they call it now Google Street View - Business.

Source: Google Maps Channel

It is a Google program where they help businesses have a See Inside View or a virtual tour of the establishment. Enabling establishments to get connected with Google Maps and Google+ pages. It is a powerful marketing tool where it opens a new channel of opportunity. They are not limited to walk-ins and referrals anymore. But the whole internet could see their service/product offering. Applicable to vast number of industries such as hotels, restaurants, schools, resorts, tourism spots.


It allows prospective clients to take a look and see inside the establishment from the comfort of their mobile or computer. Giving them a leap of competitive advantage.


While the growing demand is strong, quality of 360 photographs is paramount to Google. They only allow certified Google Street View Trusted Professionals to create virtual tours for establishments. While certification is open to everyone, but each must pass the quality need. Applicants must conform on the required equirectangular or 360 panorama needed. It must be in high-quality, no blurring and stitching errors, exposures and lighting are even across all images.

Loquis Cafe and Restobar

If you are a photographer and interested going to this route. Having the right tools like a processing softwares, DSLR/mirrorless, tripod, panoramic head, reliable and quality fisheye like Tokina AT-X 107, are a must to produce professional result.


Again this kind of images should project establishments accurately and beautifully, as a way to attract new customers.

360 Commercial Applications